About INDIVIDUAL Therapy

Therapy can be a transformative experience of acknowledging Self and finding a higher level of functioning. The relationship between therapist and client can facilitate gentle and foundational changes, help discard dysfunctional coping skills and acquire healthier tools for living. While at times uncomfortable and challenging, therapeutic treatment can be truly metamorphic.



Couples therapy can be a place where the experiences, perceptions, challenges and histories of two people in a partnership are examined. This is an opportunity to learn new ways of communicating effectively and lovingly and to speak truth in a safe, nonjudgmental environment aimed towards conflict resolution.


approach to treatment

Tricia approaches her clinical practice through a holistic, intersectional and eclectic lens. She uses aspects of psychodynamics, relational therapy, Gestalt therapy, attachment styles, mindfulness and family systems theory to create a warm and nonjudgmental space. Connecting with her clients through compassion, empathy, metaphors, humor and healing, Tricia understands and cherishes the intimacy and honor that is her role in her clients' lives. Often, she speaks to trauma and anxiety as a backpack which we carry around daily, not realizing how its weight can hinder us. She aims to create a space where clients feel comfortable setting down the backpack, unzipping it and examining what's within. Her goal with clients is to look at and honor each item inside and, ultimately, relieve them of some of that weight.